Get working proxy with each request

Rotating Proxy API


GimmeProxy - Pain free rotating proxy api

Gimmeproxy constantly crawls internet for working proxies, so you don't have to

You get random working proxy with every request.

Gimmeproxy searches the internet for free public open proxies and constantly verifies them to find working ones. Then we provide them to you via simple REST API.

Gimmeproxy has one of the largest working proxy lists. Often copied, but never matched.

Gimmeproxy verifies hundreds proxies per second using state of the art algorithms and discards slow and unstable ones.

Each request to Gimmeproxy API returns random working proxy from our list.

You don't need to share your email, register, create application, generate api keys, etc. You'll be ready to go in several minutes.

GimmeProxy is secure, we respect your privacy, don't track you, don't serve ads and don't mine crypto on your machine.

Made by developers for developers, trusted by 1000+ clients. Our support is top-notch, fast and friendly.

Learn why developers love Gimmeproxy.

You will be productive in 5 minutes and Gimmeproxy provides 7 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

You can cancel your Gimmeproxy subscription at any time, no commitments and we have 7 days money back guarantee.

Gimmeproxy also provides solution for multi-region api integration / functional / stress tests. Do you need to emulate users from different countries, regions or cities? Contact us:


What our clients say


GET /api/getProxy FREE!

Returns one random working proxy from our database.

Example request:

Example response:

  "get": true, // supports GET requests
  "post": true, // supports POST requests
  "cookies": true, // supports cookies
  "referer": true, // supports 'referer' header
  "user-agent": true, // supports 'user-agent' header
  "anonymityLevel": 1, // anonymity level, 1 - anonymous, 0 - not anonymous
  "supportsHttps": false, // https support
  "protocol": "http", // proxy protocol
  "ip": "", // proxy ip
  "port": "80", // proxy port
  "ipPort": "",
  "tsChecked":1460536850, // when checked last time (UNIX timestamp)
  "websites": { // websites working through this proxy
    "": true
  "country": "US", // country
  "curl": "", // ready to use CURLOPT_PROXY option
  "type": "http", // proxy protocol
  "otherProtocols": [ // other protocols supported by this proxy (if any)
      "get": true,
      "post": true,
      "cookies": true,
      "referer": true,
      "user-agent": true,
      "anonymityLevel": 1,
      "supportsHttps": true,
      "protocol": "socks5",
      "ip": "",
      "port": "10247",
      "websites": {
          "example": true,
          "google": true,
          "amazon": false
      "country": "US"

Additional parameters

Our API also provides additional parameters to fine-tune your requests.

Example request: - returns only proxies that support GET requests, HTTPS and were checked in last 3600 seconds.

Parameter Value Description Example request
api_key string API key, if you have one, allows to scrape faster
get true/false GET requests support
post true/false POST requests support
cookies true/false Cookies support
referer true/false referer header support
user-agent true/false user-agent header support
supportsHttps true/false HTTPS support
anonymityLevel 0/1 Anonymity level, 1 - anonymous, 0 - not anonymous
protocol http/socks4/socks5, comma separated Proxy protocol
port integer, comma separated Proxy port
country string, comma separated Return only proxies with specified country/countries,GB
maxCheckPeriod integer, seconds Return only proxies checked in last maxCheckPeriod seconds
websites (requires an api key) string, website name (amazon, google, yelp) Return only proxies allowed by particular websites. Currently only Amazon, Google and Yelp supported, more to be added soon
minSpeed float, kb Return only proxies with speed more than specified in KB
notCountry string, comma separated Exclude proxies from some country from search
ipPort boolean Returns only ip:port instead of JSON response. Usually you would like to specify protocol as well
curl boolean Returns only curl proxy option instead of JSON response. To use with `curl -x proxy`

How we check proxies

We use custom made advanced proxy checking library to verify proxies.

Some proxies won't work for some domains and will go down without any notice. Thus we can't guarantee on availability or accuracy of the results.

Please make sure that our service indeed works for you. We provide 7 days money back guarantee for all plans.

Thank you!

Node.js GimmeProxy wrapper

Gimmeproxy-request allows to make request through random proxy using service.

It is the easiest way to reliably scrape websites with Node.js.

This library automatically collects proxies from GimmeProxy in the background. Each request is routed through random proxy and retried automatically if needed.

This is wrapper around request library, any request options should work just fine.

Allows you to pass custom GimmeProxy api_key, query, retry count and test function.


$ npm install --save gimmeproxy-request

// example.js
const setup = require('gimmeproxy-request').setup;
const request = require('gimmeproxy-request').request;
    api_key: 'your api key',
    query: 'supportsHttps=true&anonymityLevel=1&websites=amazon&maxCheckPeriod=600', // additional gimmeproxy query parameters
    retries: 5, // max retries before fail
    test: (body, response) => body.indexOf('captcha') === -1 && response.statusCode === 200 // test function
request('', {
    timeout: 10000 // additional request parameters, see
function(err, res, body) {
    console.log('err', err)
    console.log('res', res)
    console.log('body', body)

Realtime Stats

Name Value
Number of working proxies in the database 7380
Requests processed today 2674322
Anonymous proxies 1645
US proxies 3503
Http proxies 1900
Socks5 proxies 3465
Socks4 proxies 8631

Any questions?