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Rotating Proxy API

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991522 requests processed in last 24 hours

GimmeProxy - Pain free rotating proxy api

No more search for another working proxy list - we do it for you

Check out new free geo ip api - Get full address, zip code and timezone of IP address. Also checks whether IP address is a proxy, bot, spammer or attacker.

We browse the internet for free open proxies regularly and check them to find those that work. Then we provide them to you via simple JSON REST API.

You don't need to share your email, register, create application, generate api keys, etc.

Each request to our API returns new working proxy.


GET /api/getProxy FREE!

Returns one random checked proxy from our list.

Example request:

Example response:

  "get": true, // supports GET requests
  "post": true, // supports POST requests
  "cookies": true, // supports cookies
  "referer": true, // supports 'referer' header
  "user-agent": true, // supports 'user-agent' header
  "anonymityLevel": 1, // anonymity level, 1 - anonymous, 0 - not anonymous
  "supportsHttps": false, // https support
  "protocol": "http", // proxy protocol
  "ip": "", // proxy ip
  "port": "80", // proxy port
  "ipPort": "",
  "tsChecked":1460536850, // when checked last time (UNIX timestamp)
  "websites": { // websites working through this proxy
    "": true
  "country": "US", // country
  "curl": "//", // ready to use CURLOPT_PROXY option
  "type": "http", // proxy protocol
  "otherProtocols": [ // other protocols supported by this proxy (if any)
      "get": true,
      "post": true,
      "cookies": true,
      "referer": true,
      "user-agent": true,
      "anonymityLevel": 1,
      "supportsHttps": true,
      "protocol": "socks5",
      "ip": "",
      "port": "10247",
      "websites": {
          "example": true,
          "google": true,
          "amazon": false
      "country": "US"

Additional parameters

Our API also provides additional parameters to fine-tune your requests.

Example request: - returns only proxies that support GET requests, HTTPS and were checked in last 3600 seconds.

Parameter Value Description Example request
api_key string API key, if you have one, allows to scrape faster
get true/false GET requests support
post true/false POST requests support
cookies true/false Cookies support
referer true/false referer header support
user-agent true/false user-agent header support
supportsHttps true/false HTTPS support
anonymityLevel 0/1 Anonymity level, 1 - anonymous, 0 - not anonymous
protocol http/socks4/socks5 Proxy protocol
port integer Proxy port
country string, comma separated Return only proxies with specified country/countries,GB
maxCheckPeriod integer, seconds Return only proxies checked in last maxCheckPeriod seconds
websites NEW! requires api key string, website name (amazon, google) Return only proxies allowed by particular websites. Currently only Amazon and Google supported, more to be added soon
minSpeed NEW! float, kb Return only proxies with speed more than specified in KB
notCountry NEW! string Exclude proxies from some country from search

How we check proxies

We use custom built Node.js proxy checking library (opensourced, you can use it too -
Proxy is considered working if we were able to connect to it in 6 seconds (max request time is 10 seconds), if it supports GET requests and returns correct result for domain.
This might or might not suit your needs. Some proxies won't work for some domains and will go down without any notice. Thus we can't guarantee on availability or accuracy of the results.
Before purchase, please make sure that our service indeed works for you.
Thank you!

Realtime Stats

Name Value
Active checked proxies 1000
Requests processed in last 24 hours 991522
Anonymous proxies645
Proxies supporting Google428
Proxies supporting Amazon434
US proxies203
Http proxies800
Socks5 proxies265
Socks4 proxies31



€29.95* / month

  • Monthly subscription, cancel at any time
  • Commercial use
  • Up to 3 concurrent requests per second
  • Email support


€39.95* / month

  • Pay as you go, each api key is valid for 1 month since the date of purchase
  • Commercial use
  • Up to 3 concurrent requests per second
  • Email support


€99.95* / month

  • Monthly subscription, cancel at any time
  • Commercial use
  • Up to 20 concurrent requests per second
  • Email support

Super fast plan: commercial use, 100 requests per second allowed, email support. €199.95* monthly.Buy now!

Free plan: Personal use, 240 requests per 24 hours allowed, no support. Doesn't allow to query by website. No API key required.

Evaluation api key: commercial use, 3 requests per second allowed. Valid for 48 hours. €9.95* per 48 hours. Buy now!

Note: order processing time is up to 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.

* all prices are with VAT excluded

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